Monday, March 2, 2015



Everything is good here in Honduras. What happened this week .... 

Just spent the whole week teaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! What could be better? We had several awesome lessons this week, one with this black college student that we taught the restoration and after was like, yeah, I believe it, and I was like, umm well how much do you believe it, from 1 to 10? And he said, 8. So I said, well, do you believe it enough to be baptized by someone holding that priesthood authority? And he was like, yeah, yeah I do, I'll do it. The only problem is that he studies in the university on sunday mornings when church is. Darn..

Pretty much the routine of missionary work is, first, testimony, then afterward, desire, then afterward overcoming all of the obstacles that stand in the way of someone being baptized. First, someone needs to believe that it is true, then they need to have the desire to change and act upon that message and then we just go 1-on-1 with Satan to try and get them ready to be baptized. Many are lost in that battle, because they don't have the strength or faith to do all they need to do to be ready to be baptzed, but the saddest is when people just don't have the desire. 

I love being a missionary and we are working super hard to keep our zone together. Miracles always accompany us. This is the work of God and he leads it. 

The weeks just go faster and faster. Honestly. Sorry for writing such lame emails but everything just blends into this blur of salvation and apostasy. 


Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Moffit
The gospel of Jesus Christ:
1. Faith in Jesus Christ
1. Repentance
3. Baptism by immersion
4. Recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands
5. FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!