Monday, March 23, 2015

Book of Mormonopoly

Sorry guys, but I like never have time to write you all. Not that you are second priority but, yeah, actually you kinda are. I have to be focused on the work of the Lord here and am always so busy designing teaching aids, helping missionaries, sending datos, and other missionary things I just don't literally have time to write you all. 

This week started good with a lesson on Monday with a youth who just straight up told us he wants to be a member of the church so we taught him about baptism and he accepted. Cool. 

I have learned how to walk here in the mission. I fly. Honestly we don't have bikes or anything. We just walk dusty streets all day so we have to go fast to really get a lot done. 

Thursday we went to Saba again, that city we are opening, and had several people come up to us and ask us about the church because they had had contact with it beforehand. I love it when people ask us how much a Book of Mormon costs. FREE!!!!!!

I went on divisions there in Saba with a returned missionary that I knew in San Pedro Sula that moved here to Saba and pretty much the whole time he was just philosophizing about marriage and how to find and choose the perfect spouse. yeah...

But it was good and we had a lot of good lessons. It is hard trying to get people to show the faith necessary to travel an hour to go to church, and to get them to understand that there is something so special and important about this church, that it is literally the Church of JESUS CHRIST, that it deserves traveling that far instead of going to one of the many churches here. But Sunday we had 3 men investigators come to church from Saba. It was sweet.

Saturday night, we went crazy and called like every number we had written in our agendas to try and get people to go to church the next day. On Sunday, we went extra early and passed for like 50 people to go to church with us, and no one wanted to. You get used to stuff like that in the mission so I wasn't that affected by it, but it is always pretty sad to know that you have the pearl of great price and that people don't want it.

Sunday afternoon, we grabbed our lunch and hopped on the bus to go to Trujillo and do divisions with the elders there. Can you imagine eating rice and beans on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland? What about Space Mountain? Well, combine those two and you get the bus ride to Trujillo, and me trying to eat my lunch on the bumpiest road in history. My rice kept messing with me and jumping off my fork right into my eyeball.

Trujillo is beautiful and after a hard day's work on Sunday with the elders there, we woke up Monday and helped the elders deep clean their house, which was really quite exemplary in its dirtiness. The toilets were, impressively enough, the worst I have seen in my entire mission. I bought muriatic acid and showed them the power of the holy destructor, aka muriatic acid. That stuff is so powerful you put it down and it literally shouts a war cry and gives a quick battle speech and then goes and slaughters every germ within a 10 foot radius. It literally smokes and sounds like cooking bacon. I don't even know if it is legal in the U.S. but this stuff goes hard. Then, after the spirit once again could enter their house, we went and studied the scriptures on the beach on the perfectest day ever. So I'm not super jealous for your Rocky Point trip family -- I was on the beach too, just didn't go swimming. and it was only 2 hours, but still...

So I had 2 brilliant business ideas this week -- one was Book of Mormonopoly, or a Book of Mormon themed monopoly game if you couldnt figure that out for yourself. BRILLIANT!!!!!! Put that in Deseret Book in the family night section and it is gone. Can you imagine the Black Friday crowds?

2nd brilliant idea came this morning. We had doused and scrubbed the shower floor with muriatic acid so you literally couldn't enter the bathroom without a Darth Vadar mask. But I wanted to shower so I stuck the fan in the bathroom and went for it -- freezing cold bucket shower of course. But as I walked out, a wonderful wall of air hit me and I just dried off with the fan. So my idea was this sort of high velocity air jet body dryer thing that you stand on and it just shoots air up in this wind tunnel and dries you off in like 30 seconds. I was so pumped about it and already had my degree in mechanical engineering and then an MBA in business just to launch this business called Cyclone with this crazy body dryer planned and was already making advertizements for it when I told shared my idea the person here in the internet and they looked it up and turns out it already exists.



Back to the get rich quick drawing board.

The church is True, Christ is our Savior. We are working with several families to get married and trying to keep all of our recent converts active and strong in the church, enduring to the end.

Some scriptures for you all:
 - Mom:  Acts 9:34
-  Dad:  Romans 16:18
- Jessica:  Lucas 14:26
- Chris and Clara:  I'll look for some for you guys this week!

Hurrah for Israel!
Elder Moffitt

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