Monday, February 2, 2015

Monkey in my hair!

Well, this week in Tocoa was pretty sweet, got a mystery package with some awesome CDs of Vocal Point and Mormon Tab so that was really nice. Not sure who they are from but THANK YOU to whoever sent them to me! 

Elder Moffin. My name is since Moffitt is hard to say here.

One day this week we were in this lesson reading the pamphlet of the restoration and the youth we were teaching was reading the pamphlet and instead of saying Aaronic Priesthood, he read, Aerodynamic Priesthood. It was really funny. Trust me I was crying laughing. 

Other good story was this week:  

We went to lend service for a big local woman by fixing up a food cart thing, like one of those street vendor stands with wheels, and then bring it about 2 miles to her house. So we followed her directions and found a blue food cart with a destroyed wheel, so we thought, "Well, let's be nice and fix it. So we take off the tire, go and get it patched and all fixed up, we repair the steering wheel and steering system, and we start to haul it to the house of the lady. All this was took 1 and a half hours of us working on that cart. So we start walking and we think, "Hey, maybe we should call this woman to make sure this is the right cart." We call her, and right then three guys in motorcycles, like the Honduran version of Hell's Angels, pull up and surround us. We are like, "Uhh, what's up?" They asked, "Where are you taking this cart?" We replied, "Well, to this lady that asked us to bring it for her." Turns out the cart was theirs, and that the blue cart we were supposed to bring was one more block away, so we were pretty much stealing someone's food cart. It was kinda an awkward moment but we explained it all and laughed a little nervously and then helped them haul it back to where it was. It was a pretty hilarious experience and I kinda wanted to be in the paper headlines as Mormon Robbers Steal Food Cart. We were lucky that we didn't take it any farther because in Honduras you don't really call the police when people rob you; you just grab your gun and go get it. 

Here is a picture of a monkey examining my hair. Nice guy. Monkeys are super cool you have to play with one someday. This one was just the pet of an investigator we contacted.

Sorry for the short letter. Everything is good over here. The work will always go forward. Love you all! 

Happy Birthday Dad and Jessica! Congrats on finishing your mission Sis, even though I don't know when you go home no one has told me yet, but have a great last few weeks. It is crazy to think that I started before you and wil finish after you, but thats how it is. Love you so much!

Elder Moffitt

P.S. I owe you both Birthday presents. Don't forget!

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