Monday, June 23, 2014

Baptizin' in the Dark

Dear family and loved ones,

This week has been so great. I learned much about the process of repentance. 

Our mission  president gave us permission to baptize the family that was going to leave for the U.S., as baptism is the way we gain the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us in making future decisions.The baptisms of this beautiful family (Suyapa, Hector David, and Isai) and another of our investigators (Javier, who looks like Christian Ronaldo and, more importantly, wants to serve a mission!) were so powerful. The baptisms started at 7 pm and the power and lights went out literally right when I stepped in the water to perform the first of our 4 baptisms. By light of cellphones, we performed the baptisms and the spirit of God was so strong. Everyone was completely quiet and the words of the baptismal prayers rang out through the dark air. The lights turned on for the last baptism. I will never forget such a cool night. 

We received many blessings this week for the tribulations of last week. We found a family with a dad and a mom who had dreamed the night before that we were going to arrive at her house. The family accepted to be married and baptized. So ready to start my second year as a missionary running!

So cool to see the atonement work in the lives of these people I am teaching. There is this one sister we are teaching that is literally turning her whole life around. She has had so many problems with the law of chastity, like SOO many problems but she is finally walking that road of repentance, and it is not easy. Actually, like Elder Holland says, it runs through Gethsemane and Calvary, but I believe she can do it. She is preparing to be baptized soon. . I love that scripture in Doctrine and Covenants chapter 58 that says that the Lord will forget our sins if we repent. Like literally -- he will not remember them any more! We will be clean in his eyes if we repent and are baptized by the proper authority! So cool.

Crazy that I am at my one year mark now. We will see what celebrations follow. Only one year left to dedicate all that I am to the Lord. I am ready to be even more obedient and have even more faith to see even more miracles and success this next year!

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Love you all!!Elder Moffitt

Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them
Elder Russell M. Nelson shares a personal story to give encouragement for when we feel "weak in the heart."
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FOOD!!  Mom's birthday package finally arrived (took about 8 weeks)!
Elder Jarvis was my Zone Leader here and just "died in the mission,"
meaning he has completed his two years and went back home to Arizona!

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