Monday, June 2, 2014

20th Birthday in Honduras!

Hello everyone!

I am no longer a child. My teenage years have faded into a distant memory of homework and joy. I have striden (striden? English word?) into a new chapter of the great and tear-jerking novel of the life of Adam Moffitt and I am only looking back occasionally to remember my great life that I have had up to this point.

Ladies and gentlemen, moment of silence for the death of teenage Moff.

But anyways, that great literary moment aside, I had a great week this week and celebrated with great celebrations my birthday. Well, my birthday was on Sunday so I actually didn't do anything special but we got absolutely SOAKED because we got hit by a massive rainstorm and all the power went out so we were just literally striding upstream through rivers (the streets cease to be streets when it rains cause they are all just dirt streets and flood so fast) in the pitch black night shouting missionary songs and it was a great moment. I enjoyed a little Honduran Hoho cupcake thing I bought the day before by candlelight to celebrate. Party.

Today got the traditional eggs cracked on my head and covered in flour to start the new year off right Honduran-style!

Fancy p-day breakfast at Burger King to celebrate my birthday!
And then we went to play some soccer and then bought my birthday present -- a machete with a cardinal and gold leather machete sheath! It is so sweet! You all have no idea how I want to proselytize so much with this bad boy. Haha! It's also USC AND Gryffindor colors so... 

What else.... can't remember. ANYTHING... umm it was a sweet week we worked hard. I know that a lot of pics I send back make it look like I am just on vacation here, but that is just because I only use my camera on my Monday preperacion day when I am doing non-missionary things, but literally every other moment I am in shirt and tie in the streets savin' souls like a boss.

Pretty crazy that I am 20 now. I am really excited for this year because I can dedicate it completely to the Lord. From yesterday to June 1, 2015 I will be every moment 24/7 serving the Lord. The mission is kinda like tithing of your life, God has given me 20 years, so I want to give him 2 years in return. The 10th part, if you get me.

I have such a strong desire that everyone can get to know this gospel and pray to ask God if it is true. It's true. I know it.

Honduras is about to start in the World Cup. This will be interesting.

Love you all and thanks for all the great letters and love that emanates from the few, the happy few, that really love me! :)

Elder Moffitt 

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