Monday, March 31, 2014

Uncontrollable Diarrhea ... vs. Grave Diarrhea


Gotta tell you all the story of Christian. Christian is a 20yr old that we contacted in January. We taught him a few lessons, he read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and the church, and said he felt a feeling of peace that he hasn't felt ever before so he decided that the church was true and wanted to get baptized and serve a mission and everything. Before we met him, he was a hard rocker dude, but was in the process of leaving that behind. So the week of his baptizm, he went out of town suddenly.  From what we heard, he was just working to get money to pay the passage back, and then he got malaria. But it wasn't until he got back this Monday that he told us the real story. He had actually joined the Honduran army, and was a week away from finishing basic training, which is like a 6 week course, when they were out chopping a field and the sergeant came around hitting everyone on the back of their heads with his hand. When he passed by Christian, however, he hit him with the butt of his rifle. Christian, as small as skinny as he is, got a little angry at that, being hot and frustrated and all, and turned around and knocked the sergeant unconscious. That little dealio got him kicked out of the army, so he called us, came back home, and got baptized this Saturday! He will receive the Aaronic Priesthood this week after conference. His baptizmal service was super powerful and, at the end, he bore a powerful testimony about his conversion and that, even though he doesn't know all the answers to all of life's questions, he got an answer from God and that was what he was going to base his faith on. We are going to meet with the rest of his family this week. The cool thing is that all that week my companion and I fasted and prayed that Christian would come back that week. It is funny how God works, but one little rifle hit changed Christian's life completely. He was one week away from walking the streets with an AK47 and now he is reading scriptures and preparing to serve a mission. 

Baptizm day! We can be distinguished.

But we don't take ourselves toooo seriously!
This week we had a health fireside where we learned about the dangers of "Uncontrollable Diarrhea and Grave Diarrhea."  The mental image I had of "uncontrollable diarrhea" is just too funny. Maybe it's just that I have lived here too long but it gets me every time. Other than that, the work is good. I guess that I will probably be transferred from the San Juan branch in San Pedro Sula next week. It's been good in this branch but I'll get ready for some new frontiers. Yee-hah!

Easter is soon! Enjoy this inspiring 3 minute Easter video, "Because of Him":

Jesus Christ is our Savior. 
Because of Him, we can change for the better and live again with God. 
This Easter season we celebrate His life and Resurrection 
and invite all to share His miraculous story.

Love you all,
Elder Moffitt

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