Monday, March 17, 2014

Got my Honduras soccer pants!

Hea everyone!

Had a super awesome week! A women named Orfelia with whom we have been working for a while accepted to get baptized this Saturday! She has wanted to get baptized but her neighbors and everyone has been attacking her with all sorts of nonsense and she finally has realized the importance of reading and praying .  I had almost given up on her but my comp and I decided that we would pray really hard and try for one more week. On Saturday, she told us that she hasn't received an answer to all of her questions but she has received an answer that she wants to be baptized. That is how Heavenly Father works. He gives a part of the answer, and if we act on that revelation, if we take one step with the light we have and take one more into the darkness of the future, trusting in God, he will continue illumination the way step by step. 

Check out those videos by Elder Bednar called Patterns of Light. A lot of time in life God doesn't answer us as clearly or as completely as we want but that's because we are here to learn and to grow. If we knew all the answers there would be no learning and no growth because we would never mess up.

We also had a regional conference for Central America this weekend via satellite by two apostles, Elders Dallin H. Oaks and Richard G. Scott. I am so grateful to have living prophets and apostles in these days. There is an imperative need in our day to receive direction and guidance directly from God through his instruments the prophets. 

Efesios 2:20 teaches us that the church of God is founded on prophets and apostles, or people that God chooses to receive revelation and have authority. I am so grateful that God has restored his church and that we have prophets and apostles once again on the earth today. If you doubt that they are real or true prophets or apostles, talk with a missionary and then ask God. It is kinda infallible if you really want to know.

What else.... oh yeah, we went to the center and did some third world window shopping and I got some Honduras soccer pants, which are kinda like gym shorts but capris. They are cool. I also got a bull horn trumpet thing that sounds like a duck farting when you blow through it but it says Honduras on it so it's all good.

Well, we had a lot more amazing experiences but I can't tell you everything. Just watching my tan/sun burn get darker and darker and my white-shirt-covered skin get whiter and whiter. It is quite the contrast now.
Love you all! Learn Spanish! 

Elder Moffitt

Full style Honduran Futbol with my hijo Elder Motecinos de Bolivia and Elder Hangsden. Can you be too Honduran? 

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