Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Luke, God. is. your. FATHER!

May 15th 2015

Well here I am in my last change of my mission! After 6 months in Tocoa, Colon, and on the verge of lung cancer, I was changed to Barrio Berlin in Progreso, Yoro, Honduras. I was on the verge of lung cancer because I hadnt rained in 2 months in Tocoa, and the streets are all made of dirt, so when vehicles and or wind and or small insects pass the street, all the dust flies up . So there is like this chinese pollution factor of pure dust that makes the sunsets look like starwars epic becuase of all of the dust in the air. Every time that a car passed us my companion and I would have to take a deep breath and squint like arab traders. We were going to get darth vaders masks and prosylte like that but it probably would have scared people off even more. 

¨(kuuukeeekuuukeeee...Pedro.... God... is your FATHER!!!!)¨

But anyways I will finish my mission here on the outskirts of Progreso, a big city with wendys, pizza hut, and all the rest. There is even a dunkin donuts and a baskin robbins I think! But dont worry I am going to stick with rice and beans for 6 more weeks and then I will pig out. My goal is never to touch rice for at least 248 days upon returning home. My companion is named Elder Monroy, he is this chubby little guatamalan guy that is a real jokester. He is really funny and is just starting his mission, so I am finishing up his training with him. 

The ward here is so cool! The members are really dedicated and really have a desire to work. I am not sure if it is just my worn collar but we have recieved a ton of references from the members and we even passed the young womens group on sunday going to visit all of the less actives in their organization!!! They asked us if we were teaching any young women that they could go visit. I had to grab my jaw and stick it back on before responding. That was the first time someone had asked us if they could go visit one of our investigators. 

When I got here we had a total of 4 investigators, so we have spent the majority of this week just contacting like crazy and trying to find people that are chosen and have been prepared by the Lord to recieve this message. It is always super fun to contact because you never know who you are going to find. It could be someone really wierd, or some really apostate person, or the next general relief society president. who knows? Yesterday we had 15 minutes before our next cita so we contacted a few houses and this one guy came out bald and super smiley and invited us in and I thought he was a jehovahs witness cause his smile was super creepy and was getting ready for that but turns out he was baptized in the church like 6 years ago and is a air force sergeant for Honduras that was super excited to find the church here and wasnts to go back. We left him the war chapters in Alma to read for homework because I think those are so cool and can teach us alot about how to conquer Satan in the spiritual war that each of us is part of.

Today we had a zone family history activity and I really got to figure out how to use the system and could really feel the spirit testify to the truthfulness of the work. I love the work of the temple and the obra vicaria, not sure how to say that in english, but the work for our ancestors. It is so cool to see where I come from and feel the spirit of the work of slvation on the other side of the veil. I am totally going to work in family history a lot more when I get back, or at least help others do it cause my family history is pretty well done haha.

Pretty much I am just determined to finish strong my mission. This is not a time to slow down but to really give it my all until the last day and then have the rest of eternity to think about it and relax. I was called to serve for 24 months, not 23, or 22, so I still have plenty to do.

Endure to the end is much better expressed at USC. Fight on!

I love you all and will see you soon enough. Plan cool things for us to do when I get back, cause I dont really have time to think about it. 

Love you all!

Elder Moffitt

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