Monday, November 3, 2014

Pet crocodile, pastelitos, and transfer to Tocoa!

There is so much to say... what has happened this week:

First, I've been transferred from La Sarrosa Yoro to Tocoa, Colon. Said a lot of Goodbyes, took a lot of goodbye fotos, and then headed off with my two bulging suitcases to the transfers meeting. To my surprise and joy (and an answer to my prayers), I was put with Elder Garcia, from DF Mexico! I lived in the same house with him in Satelite for 3 months and I love him. He is an obedient, hard working, hilarious missionary. We will have much success here. 

On Tuesday, my last day in my old area, we went with a couple to the city hall and submited their marriage papers. They will be married and baptized the 15th of November. I have never worked so hard as I have trying to get them married. The legal process was a mess, trying to help two adults who don't know how to read or write get together sufficient funds, and then take out the correct legal papels and everything... Heh! I ate so many pastelitos de leche that we helped them sell to help then get the money necessary. I am pretty sure my digestive system is permanently damaged. But, after 4 months and way more than 17 miracles, on my last day there, we finished it all off. Good sense of closure for sure. I am really happy for the people I have watched change their lives in Sarrosa. I am happy that they are all still active in our religion and enduring to the end. We are not saved by just being baptized. We are saved and exalted after doing all we can to obey and serve God ALL of our lives.

Raising money for marriage papers

So, Tocoa.

Tocoa is pretty sweet. A nice 7 hour bus ride to get here, but I am really excited to work and study and pray with all my heart, might, mind and strength alongside Elder Garcia.

We already have some Christmas lights up. Probably going to cut down a small banana tree and decorate it :). We have been contacting a lot and it is funny to think that 2 years ago I wouldn't even answer the phone if I didn't know who the number was that was calling me (sorry, mom), and now I can start conversations with people I do not know and knock on doors (or rather "shout at gates" since everyone here has big gates around their houses so you have to shout so they hear you and come out) without embarrassment, fear, or nervousness. The key is, that I am not merely Adam Moffitt. I am Elder Moffitt. And for 2 years I can leave my personal weaknesses behind and serve as a representative of Jesus Christ. I know that our message is essencial to happiness in this life and salvation in the next. Everyone NEEDS to hear it. And I believe that those with whom I do not share our message here in this world, that I should have shared with or talked to, however awkward it may seem, will be pretty upset with me in the next life if I don't magnify my calling. 

We have been trying to contact more with the spirit though (rather than just guessing who to talk to). I remember this week standing at an intersection and praying, facing first one way, then the next, and so on, if this was the way the Lord would have us go. I felt nothing, nothing, nothing, and... nothing. I was kinda disappointed by the lack of guidance. I decided it must be none of those directions. So we contacted a house on the corner and found 3 new investigators that let us in and we had some great questions. We must have faith and hope that the Lord will respond to each and every prayer, and then make the effort to recognize what that answer is.
One day this week we were in a house waiting for the family to get all settled to listen to us and there was a movie playing. It was pretty cool and sci fi and stuff but I didn't know what it was--neither was I paying much attention. But the truth could not be hid for long. I noticed a child directing spaceships and Harrison Ford--it was "Enders Game"!!!! In a struggle of will unheard of since the pre-mortal life, I rose from my seat and shut it off. In 8 months I will have time to hook up an IV to a gallon bucket of Low Qual generic brand ice cream and watch 40 hours of new movies straight but, until then, we have our calling and our rules. 

Another day, we were walking in the street and I heard something that I haven't heard for 398 days--the sound of a trumpet! I quickly located the house and they let us in and I blasted some Trojan Marching Band songs! I was pretty terribly because I haven't touched a trumpet in 439 days and had kinda forgotten the songs, but still it was awesome. And we will be going back this week to teach the everlasting gospel with the sound of a trump.

Other than that, just rain, rain, and more rain. I used rain boots the other day to prosylite, so of course I had to step in every puddle and wade through every lagoon because of my water immunity. Will send fotos of the authority of Honduran rain boots. 

I love the Lord, I love the restored gospel, I love my companion and my area and the mission work, and I know that prayers are heard and answered when we say them sincerely and with real intent and not just rattle off some quick words before going to sleep.

Hurrah for Israel! 

Elder Moffitt 

Someone in my area has a crocodile as a pet!

One last shot with my awesome companion at our home in La Sarrosa -- Elder Navas from Costa Rico

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