Monday, May 12, 2014

Drop Kicking Drugs

Dear Family,

Super fun to talk to you all yesterday for Mother's Day! It was weird skyping with you and seeing the living room and stuff because it was super normal and seems like I haven't even been away that long--but at the same time I have. 

Elder Moffitt sings "Let It Go" on Mother's Day skype call from Honduras 
with the family in Arizona and his sister, Sister Moffitt serving as a missionary in Ukraine!

This week went well. Found some great new investigators, and we continue battling to help the ward progress and see miracles and conversions here in Sarrosa.

Had a great day on Saturday laying down the law of the Word of Wisdom. We contacted a man in the pulperia who really wanted to change his life but had problems smoking and drinking. He had a cigarette behind his ear. We taught him about the power of the atonement and forgiveness and how we can change. And we challenged him to throw away his cigarette. He protested, saying that he would change starting tomorrow, blah blah blah, but we continued challenging him, saying if you are going to change you need to start now, or you never will. He thought and then said, "Take it". With pleasure I took the cigarette and hulk stomped it into the dust. 

30 minutes later, walking to a different appointment, we encountered a drunk man that had also expressed his desire to escape his alcohol addiction and his desire for us to teach him. We challenged him as well to throw out the alcohol bottle he had in his pocket. He protested, of course, saying how he wanted to change but didn't want to give up his alcohol (hmmm) and so we said, "If you really want to change, and really want us to help you, give us your alcohol and let us help you." He slowly handed me his bottle of alcohol and I poured it onto the dirt and then punted that plastic bottle into the stratosphere. 

It was one cigarette and one little bottle of Plata, but it meant a lot and it was a great decision for them. 

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Moffitt

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