Monday, August 12, 2013

Awesome first week in Honduras!

Hola Familia y Everyone Else!

So pretty slow and uneventful week and a half, not much happened, oh wait JUST KIDDING! I have an entire BOOK to write someday about these past 11ish days but I am going to have to cram it into one really fast email so forgive me because I pay by the minute to write these emails and the more I pay means the less baleadas I get to eat. 

Okay. Phew. So it begins.
The last few days at the MTC were very bittersweet, sorry to see my fellow district buddies for the last time, and sad to say goodbye to my beloved biscuits and gravy every Thursday morning, but excited to get into the real world. Plane rides were chill but, for our first two flights, we were just sitting by other missionaries so I couldn´t save anyone’s soul or anything. But on the flight to San Pedro Sula, my two travel companions and I split up to let a family sit together and got to each teach our first lessons to real people! I got to know a super awesome father from SPS and taught him entirely in terrible Spanish! I gave him a Book of Mormon and got his address and digits to send some missionaries over later. So we arrive at SPS and, wow, there is no way I am going to be able to tell you all of this so I am going to make a list of points of cool thoughts and things that happened since we got there.

1. Our mission president is awesome and is totally going to take SPS all the way to the Celestial Kingdom. And he fed us Wendy's after we landed.
 "The 12 Disciples:" the 12 of us from the Provo MTC going to Honduras

 Last few moments in the US with these awesome Elders from my district.

 We arrived in the Honduras airport and were greeted by President and Sister Klein

2. I got assigned to the town of LA CEIBA--right on the ocean of Honduras! The Caribbean! It is soooooo pretty here! I would send you pictures but I forgot my camera cord so just google La Ceiba Honduras and you will get the idea.

3. It is so hot here that Arizona doesn´t even know what is going on. I keep looking down to see if I have dissolved into a bubbling puddle of Moffittooze. Hasn´t happened yet but any day now...

4. My Companion is Elder Moreno, a super Masiso (Masiso is like the word for awesomecoolchillbro here. Everyone uses it. I think. That or it could mean duck fetus.) Elder from Mexico that is training me super well. He knows like everything, except for English--which is good because I have to talk to him in Spanish always and so I am forced to learn really quickly.

5. The MTC was like feeling the icy waters of Spanish with my pinky toe hesitantly. Being here in Honduras, is like being pushed headfirst into the waters in Antarctica--kinda hard to breathe at first. But then you lose feeling in your limbs and die of hypothermia and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Except I have a life vest which is my companion so whenever I am unsure if I am getting robbed or asked for my name I just stare blankly at my companion and he takes over.

7. I survived my first and second and third bathroom experiences in Honduras. Yippee!

6. Am I rambling yet? So, cool things that I have done while I was here include, but are not limited to:
- preaching the gospel to people in what may or may not be Spanish and watching their lives change, 
- getting saved from an armed robbery my first morning as a real missionary (pistols, alcohol, and demanding money were all involved). Miracles do happen, I´ll tell you about it when I get home (Mom, it’s chill, don’t worry),
- eating fish hands-only-Golem-style: head, eyes, and everything included,
- playing futbol with nativos,
- raining like mad yesterday until the streets were all flooded like rivers,
- getting "oh look a gringo what on earth??" stares all day long,
- dodging fighting chickens,
- eating delicious baleadas,
- waking up to a different dead cockroach on the floor every day (I was going to start naming them but there are just too many),
- preaching the gospel with a voice like the sound a trump, etc. etc.

7. Everything here is super green and beautiful and how Plantains grow on trees literally looks like something from Aliens. I’ll send a pic later.

8. Everyone here is super dee duper poor but also mega generous. For example, I was washing dishes when this random shirtless guy shouted “Öy Gringo¨!” through the window and climbed a ladder and handed me a fresh papaya twice as big as my head. It is kinda yucky and gives you stomach problems, but it was a nice gesture.

Pictures taken by Sister Klein

I want to give my testimony that Jesus Christ lives, and knows each and every child of his on this earth. I know that what we are teaching is true. We could not do what we do without an unshakable knowledge of that truth. I know that happiness does not depend on worldly wealth, and that our message brings more joy than the world can ever hope to offer. I know that the gift of tongues is real because everyone I have talked to (my companion included) doesn´t believe I have only been in Honduras for 6 days because I can understand and speak Spanish super well. The stray dogs here speak better Spanish than me, but still I am able to understand what I need to and say what I need to so that I fulfill my purpose as a missionary to invite others to come unto Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the 4 things necessary in the church that Jesus Christ established, 1. prophets, 2. apostles, 3. authority, and 4. Revelation. I know that this church is led by a living prophet and I am honored and blessed to be able to carry that message to these humble people. I love all of you back at home and ask for your prayers over here in the Humid capitol of the universe! I testify that the power of sincere, faith filled prayer is real and incredible. God WILL answer the prayers of his beloved children.
Of this and more I testify as a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ called by a living prophet of God, Amen.
-Elder Moffitt

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