Monday, August 26, 2013

Third week in Honduras: "Under my sonbrilla, brilla, brilla, eh eh eh"

Greetings my fine friends and family,

Looking back on this week all I can really remember is a lot of water. It rained for most of the week, which is nice because it cools everything down but at the same time gets everything wet. We were walking to an appointment and this street was so completely flooded that we had to wade through water up to our thighs. It is crazy how much water this place gets! 

Speaking of water, I had the honor of performing a baptism! She is a super cool, funny, and smart young woman and after meeting with her for several weeks I can actually understand her Spanish! Her story is a testimony to me of the power and importance of the Holy Spirit in conversion. When her sister,was baptized in June, she was so adamantly against it that she told her sisiter she was going to go to hell for joining the Mormons. Then she saw the change that her sisiter was undergoing in her life, and started meeting with us. She wasn´t super convinced, and so we just told her that she needs to ask God about it. 1 Cor 2:11 tells us that we can´t know the things of God without the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, which confirmation we are promised if we ask in humility and with faith about the Book of Mormon and our message. She did so, and she received a testimony. She then asked us when she could be baptized. I was honored to perform the baptism.  I was super nervous because people here have four names and I didn´t think I could remember all four of her names to use in the short baptismal prayer, but luckily I did, and after I baptized her she had the biggest smile I had ever seen anyone have, and she bounded out of the font saying that she felt completely clean. Super cool. Yesterday she was confirmed in our Sunday church service and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

I was totally reminded why I am here in Honduras for two years-- to help people have the incredible blessings and joy of the gospel and the church of Jesus Christ. Christ came to the earth not just to atone for our sins, but also to establish His church because a specific, established church with prophets and apostles led by and endowed with authority and revelation is essential to our salvation and our happiness. I know that His church has been restored in our day, that the same power to baptize that John the Baptist held in the wilderness of Judea was restored to Joseph Smith and only through that power, which I am lucky to hold, was I able to baptize Yaneli on Saturday. I know this work is true and I know that it blesses lives. I am seeing it every day.

The Christlike attribute of the week I am working on is patience. I am a super impatient kiddie and always want to be getting stuff done and be perfect now, now, now, but I have realized the importance of patience in the work of the Lord, especially patience with myself, my Spanish, our investigators, and with God. Blessings will come and prayers will be answered; we just need to wait for them to come on the Lord's time. 

We cooked and ate a ginormous lobster today for P-day lunch with a family that wants us to meet with them and it was super good! 

Speaking of giant bug-like creatures, there is this bug that comes out at night that makes this sound that literally sounds like the laughter of Satan. Imagine in your mind right now the most chillingly diabolical laugh, and that is exactly what it sounds like while you are walking through the dark deserted streets of Honduras at night. It is super loud too. Creeeeeeeeeepiest thing in the world I am telling you. Every time one starts laughing, I jump around punching the air waiting for Satan to just materialize behind us or something. 

I am grateful to be here in Honduras serving as a missionary! I hope all of you back at home are safe and happy and not having nightmares of demonic bugs laughing at you. 

Love you all!
Elder Moffitt

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