Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On to the Victory!

Dear Family and Friends,

I have officially survived my second week at the MTC! Maybe that is not the right way to say that as I am not serving time, I am serving the Lord. Nevertheless, things are pretty busy around here! 
So lets see, what happened this week. On Thursday (which was Independence Day) we had a nice 'fireside about the incredible circumstances surrounding the birth of this great nation and how it was a choice land prepared for the coming forth of the restoration. It is sooooo inspiring to me to think of all the brave, God-fearing men that were literally willing to give their lives, and indeed many did, to ensure that their children would have the freedom to practice whatever religion they chose, among many other important rights. I am also awed by the many absolutely incredible men that God prepared and protected to ensure that this Nation would come to be, such as George Washington who got his horse shot out from under him 3 times in one battle in the French and Indian War and ran around rallying his troops at the very front lines of the battle and escaped untouched with four bullet holes through his jacket. FOUR BULLET HOLES IN HIS JACKET BUT HIS SKIN UNTOUCHED. That is God for ya. I sang in the choir for the devotional this week and we sang an awesome arrangement of Faith of our Fathers, which was super spiritual and super fun. I love how music can touch the heart so strongly. I don't know why, but it is cool. or es chevere. Chevere means cool in Honduras. We also got to stay up past our 10:30 bedtimes (wha??!) to stand in the parking lot and watch the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire show. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear Carly Ray Jepson singing from where we were, but I admit I hummed a little Call Me Maybe under my breath.

My companion and I pretended to be investigators for some people from the beginning Spanish class and that really helped me realize that I actually do know some Spanish! They were super discouraged about being able to learn Spanish in 4 weeks and we all started talking about how its okay because we are all terrible at Spanish and then one of our teachers, who was listening in on our lesson, said super intensely "Never say you are terrible at Spanish! That is freaking Satanas! (satanas is Satan in Spanish fyi). God has called you on a mission to speak Spanish and he wouldn't have done that If you couldn't learn Spanish!" It was super awesome and now I am going to shout "That is freaking Satanas" whenever someone says they stink at something. It is quite fun...and true. We need to have the Nefi "I will go and I will do" mentality. Speaking of Nefi, quote of the week came from someone behind me during the fireworks show, "Wow those fireworks are like Nephi! They are so large in stature!"

The speaker for the Sunday night devotional this week was George Durrant, who wrote the book I gave to Jessica about Being Bold as a Missionary. He talked about being bold, of course, and one thought I really liked of his was that we shouldn't just end our lessons or our talks in the name of Jesus Christ, we should start them In the name of Jesus Christ, because we aren't going to tell people about our words or about what we want to say, everything we do as a missionary should be as a representative of Jesu Cristo. I got a picture with him afterward.
I wish I could write everything I learn each week in these emails but I really can't. I am learning so much though about the importance of studying, praying, obedience, and all of these things that I have been taught about all my life but that are now taking on a new importance and a new urgency as I prepare to head out to Honduras for two years. Speaking of Honduras, I met a guy  who is from San Pedro Sula and all he would tell me about it was that it was hot, and that I would probably die from the sun. SWEEEET! Haha. I am still more worried about the tarantulas.

"Brethren, shall we not go on in so great a cause? Forward, and on, on to the victory!"

Elder Moffitt
An elder from San Pedro Sula, Honduras

 My district! 3 missionaries are going to SPS with me 
and the rest are going to various parts of Mexico. 
They are great. I love them all and they are all super spiritual and diligent and awesome.
 Our 4th of July ties -- with my companion, Elder Worthington

 4th of July fireworks at the Stadium of Fire

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