Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Character of Christ

Greetings from the MTC!

Only two more weeks left until I head out to the field! I am so excited and yet pretty nervous. I can speak Spanish pretty well with my gringo companeros here in Provo, Utah but I am sure when I get down there I am going to be literally clueless for at least a few months. Talk about complete immersion! Most of the Elders in my district that are going to Mexico are flying to Las Vegas on Friday to get their Visa's from the embassy there. Us Elders that are going to Honduras however apparently don't need Visas to get into the country. I guess San Pedro Sula always needs some new bodies considering how fast they seem to lose them :)

Not much else is new here. I have started using my personal study time to make flashcards of the most powerful scriptures that I can use to answer investigator's questions or alleviate concerns or motivate them to repent and change their lives to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With the incredible flexibility in the style of teaching we use, it really is necessary that we become scriptorians. Not to Bible bash, but because our entire message is focused on Jesus Christ, and utilizing the words and teachings of both our Savior himself and through his prophets has real power. The Spirit won't teach us new things we need to say in the moment that we need them, it will bring to the forefront of our memory the things we have learned and studied and pondered personally that our brothers and sisters need to hear. I think that if I can better remember the locations of some really great scriptures, I will also be able to internalize the doctrine of those scriptures and use that as well to convey the message of Joy and Peace that we have to give to the world.

So here's a quick spiritual thought before the washer finishes behind me and I have to get off the computer (I am typing in the Laundry Room right now. Gotta love the smell of dryer sheets and warm white shirts). This Sunday we watched an MTC devotional from Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles called "Character of Christ." To sum up his hour long talk in like 5 sentences, he talked about how the while the natural man (Mosiah 3:19) is like the cookie monster, always turning inward and wanting more cookies for himself and wanting them RIGHT NOW, the character of Christ is constantly turning outward. Character means moral qualities strongly developed, strikingly displayed, and constantly exercised. The examples of this Character of Christ, his turning outward when the natural man would selfishly turn inward, are displayed constantly throughout the scriptures. Just one small example: after suffering for all of mankind in the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ didn't spend time thinking about his incredible sacrifice, he healed a guard's superficial ear wound. After suffering for all the infirmities, weaknesses, sins, and faults of all of mankind, even bleeding from every pore, Christ took the time and effort to HEAL A MEASLY EAR. That is just one of the many examples in the scriptures of Christ's character, and so I would challenge you all back at home to read the scriptures looking for ways in which that perfect character is manifest, for as we increase in our understanding of the contrast between the natural man and the character of Christ, we will obtain those spiritual gifts we need so that we become truly converted and never fall away. That is a promise from Elder Bednar, an Apostle of God. Next time you are tempted to think of yourself, or finding yourself whining in your mind about the things that you want, like the cookie monster, get over yourself and be Christlike. Find someone to serve, and you will find a joy far greater than any worldy cookie. Except maybe those Costco chocolate chip ones....
No definitely even better than that.
Speaking of Costco, I don't think they have those in Honduras. *Slow tear trickling down my cheek*

I love all of you back at home and I will keep you in my prayers. Say a few for me as well, because Heaven knows I need all the help I can get!

Elder Moffitt

Reunited with fellow Trojan, Elder Dan Linderman, at the MTC

 Fight On!

 The army of missionaries walking back from the devotional at the BYU Marriott Center.
Pretty cool.

 The "temple walk" from the MTC to the Provo Temple

The Provo Temple

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