Monday, December 22, 2014


Christmas. It's a funny time really. I love that Jim Gaffigan skit about how Christmas was probably made up by a drunk guy. "Well take the tree and put it in here, and well take the lights, and put them out there... and then ima hang my dirty socks over the fire place and fill them with candy. Merry Christmas. I'm going to sleep on the floor." Haha. 

Here everyone just decides to blow up everything in sight. It's what Jesus would want. Right?

I have a banana tree in my house decorated with Made in Honduras Christmas lights. They come with a guarantee that half of them won't work. I am pretty sure they light up with pure holiday spirit because our electricity doesn't work to well. Holiday spirit and Josh Groban are what keep the world spinning in December.

My lovely banana tree christmas tree. chopped it down my self :).
Merry Christmas from the banana capitol of the world!
This month has been pretty crazy because I have rarely thought of myself. That is why the mission goes so fast--because one learns to forget about himself and serve others. We have been organizing conferences, service activities, branch activities, and everything in between. But service is the spirit of Christmas.

The moments are rare when I really comprehend the Christmas story but, when it all clicks, we come to learn of the King of Kings--that literally created worlds without number--coming to be born in the earth in a stable. I never really like barns because animals smell pretty nasty. Imagine being born in a barn without 2000 years of scent and cleanliness technology. That has to be messy and stinky. And think that the first ones to know were some other stinkies that were watching their sheep far away, lowly shepherds. What a crazy and beautiful story. Christ never had great wordly possesions. never had even an ipod. Was born humble, and died rejected and hated by the very ones he came to save. What an incredible gift we received from our loving Heavenly Father, who sent us his only begotten son so that all those who believe in him may not be lost, but have eternal life. He is the gift of Christmas.

And how ungrateful are we!!!!! I remember one Christmas opening a present from my sweet Aunt Lee Ann and saying in absolute disgust, "Yahzee??" I didnt even know what yahtzee was but it wasn't what I "wanted", and I am still embaresed today for that reaction, although it was pretty funny not going to lie. I imagine most of us replying to Jesus Christ and his gift  in that same tone, "Repent? Be baptized? Come unto thee?" How sad that is. I am so imperfect. It breaks my heart. In Sunday School someone asked the question, why do we continue to make the same sins and mistakes even when we know they are wrong and won't make us happy? That question broke my heart. I don't know why I keep messing up. I am determined to be a better person, as perfect as I can and as he asks me to be, to show a little bit of gratitude for his unmatchable gift.

This Sunday, I saw a Christmas miracle. We went to go with Luis and Elvis to church. they haven't come in 3 Sundays, and were recently baptized. The last lessons we had had with them were without the spirit, and they seemed apathetic to all we said and implored them. We went in the morning and they didn't want to go to church. Like flat out no. The spirit of apostasy was so strong and satan had totally been working on them. They said they weren't sure if they ever wanted to go again and that they weren't sure if they wanted us to return and visit them. We were super sad and pleaded with them and bore them our testimonies but nada. I kinda gave up, and decided we would let them walk the path they wanted and then return in a bit to see if they were ready to recieve us again, but Elder Garcia kept persisting, and finally convinced them to go. They got dressed, and we ran over to church to get there right before they passed the sacrament. Sacrament meeting was okay, and then we went to the gospel principles class, our teacher wasn't there so we spontaneously decided to teach about Agency and the ability to choose for ourselves. It was super inspired. The spirit was there in the lesson. And afterwards, Luis and Elvis were completely different. They were like they were right after their baptism! Elvis said "That's it. We are coming back to church!" And asked us if he could go Christmas caroling with us. Luis also asked us when we would be passing by that day. We did pass by that day and, sent by the branch president, gave them the Aaronic Priesthood! From almost apostasy to recieving the priesthood of God. Imagine that. God touched them yesterday and softened their hearts once more. I am still amazed by the complete change of heart. I learned something from my companion that day. Never give up on someone even if they don't want it because they just don't know what they are missing, and we don't know when God will work miracles.

Everyone should read the short story, The Gift of the Magi. It is my favorite Christmas story that we would always read as a family by the fire every Christmas. 

Watch - short video! "He is the Gift"
Love you all and Merry Christmas!

Elder Moffitt

We found a clean christian pool place and they let us play for free this morning for pday.
I was the champion! I have never won a game of pool so that was kinda wild that I beat everyone.
4 times in a row.

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