Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmasizo and a Happy New Year!

"Macizo" in Honduran means "cool". Thus, Merry Christmasizo. Because Chrismas is Cool. Yeah. 

So my second Christmas here in Honduras flew by like Christmas usually does--a lot of build up and then poof! it's gone. But it leaves everyone feeling awfully full of the Christmas spirit and more grateful for our Savior and ready for another new year. I hope you all could think of what Christmas gift you are going to gift to Christ this year, because he has given to us all that we have. 

We celebrated Christmas Eve by buying a lot of tamales, and then going to a poor neighborhood and singing Christmas hymns and giving out tamales. It started out pretty lame because we wanted to go with a lot of members and friends and do a big shabang. I always like to do big shabangs and make things nice.  But no one was home or able to go with us, just one recent convert named Luis, a really humble and nice 20 yr old with a tatted up arm that was just baptized in November. 

First house? They slammed the door on our Christmas caroling hahahaha. Oh man. After that, we decided to leave the rich to their celebracions and we lugged our pot of tamales the mile over to the poor colony and started singing and giving. The Christmas spirit is quiet. It is soft. But it is real. We sang to families in houses made out of aluminum and cardboard--without electricity--that were celebrating Christmas with 1 candle. We sang, and it was really off key (not going to lie) but it was sincere. And it was Christmasy.

The next day, I talked to my family! It is wierd how nervous talking to you all makes me. Don't know why but it makes every missionary nervous. So sorry for being nervous and awkward. But I love you all! I am so lucky to have a great family.

Other highlights include eating a lot of chicken sandwitches and tamales, which are the Christmas highlights, along with like 3 liters of pepsi in 1 day because everyone gave us pepsi. Saw my first Honduran racoon. Opened presents from my awesome family and incredible grandparents that made me feel so loved. Shared my christmas gifts with my companion and we were happy. We enjoyed a Welch's red grape fancy juice, like Martinellis, to celebrate. 
Oh yeah!!!! 

On the 23rd we had a multizone conference about 2 hours away so we rented a bus for the zone and on the way back we all gave anonymous gifts to a previously assigned person, kinda like secret santa, and had a great time. Some missionaries dontt recieve anything from their family so it was good that everyone got something, I got a Bilbo lego man and a Honduran shirt :) Elder Wilks got a broken brick and permethrin haha.

Love you all and hope you have a Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year. Change something for the better this year!

Elder Moffitt

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