Monday, July 14, 2014


Well folks, I officially am the happiest missionary ever! I am once again a "father" here in the mission (or in other words I am training a new missionary) and I have the greatest companion ever!!! He is from Costa Rica and is so powerful, dedicated, and hard working. I feel like the Lord is just going to pour down a ton of obstacles and challenges but also a ton of blessings and miracles and success on us as we obey and pray with all our might and sweat our faces off out here!

One of our beautiful families we are helping to get married!
We are working with a lot of families to get married this upcoming month of August because legal weddings are free! They just need to pay for the necessary papers. (Well, kinda free.)

Just to give you all a glimpse into the missionary life in Honduras, we don't actually have a running water shower 90% of the time. Normally we just end up dumping buckets of freezing cold water on our heads, scrubbing ourselves as fast as possible with all soap within reach, and then dumping more freezing cold water on our head with a tiny plastic bucket to wash it all off. Overall a pretty miserable experience but hey, Honduras! Naw its a blast I promise. Definitely gonna keep up the tradition when I get back to the States. 

But even showering every day like that, I am super happy because I am doing the work of the Lord and, even though it's hard, if you focus on the good things you will be happy. You can only be happy on the mission if you serve and obey with all that you have.

Shout-out to my brother playing League of Legends in China right now!

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Moffitt

Great times with my companion, Elder Lopez.

Training my new companion, Elder Navas from Costa Rica.

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