Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What does God want from us? Everything!

Hello all,

Another great week in the mission! 

Every time I think that I am getting to be a bomb missionary or am getting the hold of things, God sends me another trial or difficulty to put in my way. In a way I am really grateful for these reminders that I need Him in my work because it isn't my work, it is His, and I cannot do it my way or with my own strength or wisdom. This week, practically every single one of our appointments fell through, so we offered prayers and looked for new investigators, especially families complete with fathers, to contact and teach. I testify that we were led by the Spirit to find several families. 

Elder Amado, the member of the Quorum of the Seventy with the most time as a general authority of the church, came yesterday and we had a missionary reunion all day yesterday listening to him. Because of this, we didn't write yesterday. The Spirit was super strong when he talked and, although he taught us for like 6 hours, it felt like 6 minutes. I learned so much and can testify so strongly that this church is true and has leaders that have the authority of God to be leaders of the church of Jesus Christ.

So many cool great things happened this week. It was rough but it was instructive. 

Know that I am safe and sound and still have a great sense of humor and a wonderful eyesparkle. BIG NEWS! I have started parting my hair to look more like a pro missionary and the fan commentary has been incredible. Just know that it is a powerful hair-part. 

I think that every one of us arrives at the point several times in our lives when we ask God in exasperation, mentally, or out loud "What do you want from me?" The simple and often not understood answer is "Everything." 

Honestly there is no way to sugar coat the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is purely and simply about sacrificing everything. Usually God doesn't require that we sacrifice everything, but we need to be willing to sacrifice all and, when he asks, anything. People that love God but won't give up their work on the day of rest, or won't read the scriptures, or won't sacrifice time to go to church simply don't really love him. A good question to ask ourselves is "Do I love God? How much? How much am I willing to sacrifice to prove it?" Those who lose their lives in the service of God will find it, while those who look to save their lives by not serving God will lose that which makes life worth living.

Life is good. We have a lot to look forward to these next few weeks! Keep praying!

Elder Moffitt

My area of San Juan in San Pedro Sula

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