Monday, September 16, 2013

Kid Month in Honduras

Dear Family and America,

So here in Honduras they have a holiday just for kids called Dia de los Ninos, and I am pretty sure that most Latin countries celebrate it too, just on different days in the year. Pretty much what they do on Kid Day is just give their kids things. Not only that, but this whole month is Kid Month too. At first, I was kinda thinking "Shame on America for not having this magnificent holiday!!" But then I stopped and thought about it and everyday in America is give-your-kids-things-day, so it’s all good.

What’s more, yesterday was Dia de la Independencia for Honduras, so I got a good taste of the Honduran national anthem. That and like everyone ditched church to go march in parades haha so we only had 39 people in Sacrament meeting--and 16 of them were investigators that we brought!  

I love Honduras and it’s cool that they have an Independence Day. But they don’t have a movie with Will Smith and a white guy with a once-Jewish dad and a courageous crop-duster and an epic speech-giving president fighting aliens in the name of America and saving the world on July 4. Man I love that movie.

So with Kid Day and Independence Day and everything, this week was pretty weird. We are getting ready for 2 new missionaries to arrive on Wednesday, bringing the number of missionaries here in our area of El Iman to 4. WOOOO! We are going to do some serious work here with 4 elders.

We are teaching a lot of people. The thing I like about our area is that we don’t ever go tracting or knocking on random doors or really looking to find people; people just fall out of the sky and ask us to teach them. Like literally we have to constantly be watching the skies or else we get crushed by falling investigators. No, just kidding. But really the Lord just keeps leading us and placing prepared people in our way for us to teach. Doesn´t mean that these people don´t have problems we need to help them with or spiritual struggles they have to fight, but we just always have something meaningful to do.

For those who are curious, our missionary work is not to focus on baptism. Our mission president has instructed us to teach not to merely baptize, but to convert. If we were just looking to baptize, we could baptize five people a week easy beans. Almost everyone here knows that baptism is necessary and so they are totally willing to be baptized. The thing is that we want people to know that this is the true church in which to be baptized. We want them to receive a testimony, for themselves, by the power of the Holy Ghost through study and prayer of the Libro de Mormon, which is the evidence we have that the church and authority that Christ established really was lost and then restored through a prophet of God named Jose Smith. If they gain this testimony, and are willing and desirous to act on it and do the things they have to do with that knowledge, then we will baptize them. For example, a convert here is a girl that is investigating the church that we helped move out of her house with her one month old baby and a few changes of clothes on Saturday night because of serious problems with her boyfriend and, despite all that (and not knowing what she is going to do to earn money to live now that she is alone) goes to church the next day, and is one of only 39 people here. When we are converted, we recognize that we need this gospel, not just that it is an interesting little organization, and we do all we can to exercise our faith.
Jesus Christ is the bread of eternal life. By following Him, remembering Him, 
and having faith in Him we can change and become what we aspire to become

President Klein, our San Pedro Sula East Mission President
We passed by a school twice this week when their band was playing “Brooklyn,” a rock chart of my dear Trojan Marching Band, in preparation for independence day here. Naturally, I stood in the middle of the street and air-trumpet solo'd the whole thing to passing cars. Both times.

Love you all and thanks for your prayers!
Elder Moffitt

P.S. Annie Ortiz--Thanks for your letter! You’re the best. Buena suerte en Argentina!

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