Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So It Begins!

In the words of King Theoden on the besieged walls of Helm’s Deep, “So It Begins!” 

My first day at the Mission Training Center (MTC) was awesome. Just to make things clear, I’m not homesick yet, they just told us to write home. I GOT MY NAMETAG?!  So cool. Now I’m officially official. The MTC is awesome. It is so cool to be around so many worthy, righteous, and energetic young elders and sisters. It is very humbling to realize how much more I have to learn and understand. The teaching is very different and you have to be so in tune with the Spirit. There are a millions ways to respond to an investigator but only one way to touch his/her heart, and the Spirit knows the way to most powerfully respond to an investigator. My companion is Elder Worthington from Orem, Utah, and he is awesome. Just out of high school but really focused and spiritually ready.

All the experienced Spanish missionaries say, “Bienvenidos!” to us new missionaries when they walk by. It wasn’t until nighttime that us new elders realized that saying “Bienvenidos!” back isn’t the right response. haha. Turns out all the elders in our intermediate group know as little Spanish as I do. With a bit of hard work and the Lord’s help, however, I know that we can learn it. All the guys in my district are awesome and we are already really close, even though we have only known each other for a few hours. Half of our district is going to various parts of Mexico, including my companion, and three of us are going to San Pedro Sula East.

I am excited to be a part of this army of missionaries bringing the world the truth. We are answering a call to serve from a God of miracles, and I am confident that we will change the areas where we go serve.

Stay cool in Arizona mi familia!

Love, Elder Moffitt

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