Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blessings on Day 2


I have been speaking and writing in Spanish all day and I almost started writing this is Spanish.  My companion is named Elder Worthington and he is a professional lawnmower and competitive sewer from Ogden, Utah. Not even joking. He is super enthusiastic and energetic and has a willing heart. And he can sew my clothes. So he is great!

Elder Worthington and I taught out first investigator today. IT WAS SO BAD! We both are super bad at Spanish so it took us forever to just say one sentence and it was usually wrong or made no sense at all. But it is okay; that is why we are here.

The MTC is super hard but I am learning, ever so slowly. Turns out one of the guys in my district (five companionships in my district) and one of my four roommates, is the son of Utah’s U.S. Senator, Mike Lee. Pretty cool. He is going to Mexico.

It is super easy to be discouraged so early in the MTC process. We are surrounded by incredible, smart, super spiritual young men and woman and we can barely even talk to each other because we don’t know Spanish, but I know that if I do my best Christ will make up the rest. I am positive that I am training with the future prophets and apostles of this church. Please pray for me at home that I can do well here.

Our days are SO busy. I have never worked this hard, but it is for the best cause. All the elders in our district gave each other blessings today and it was a super spiritual and awesome experience. I truly am a part of an amazing church with incredibly powerful young men and women. I love it.

The food is really good too.

Estamos llamado a servir! (We are called to serve!)

-Elder Moffitt

My companion, Elder Worthington, and me in front of the Provo Temple 

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