Monday, September 15, 2014

Fasting and Miracles

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was really hard and pretty long, but at the same time super full of miracles and success. I went on divisions two days of the week to other areas in my district to see how things were going. Every day this week it has rained BUCKETS. I like it when it rains though because more people let you in their house -- poor little wet and cold missionaries. :)

One of the days I went with the companion of Elder Brimley. He has challenges from a childhood of violence and poverty in Guatemala and Columbia, where he father was shot when he was young. I spent the day with him to see how he is able to function as a leader and as a missionary because he is just starting and it is really hard for him. He has a super good heart; he is super humble and loves to laugh. He has taught me a lot about how to be more like a kid. (It makes me think of our NHS evenings packing healthy food at Feed My Starving Children to be sent internationally to give hope and nutrition for children just like this.) But I was really surprised at how well he did and I talked to our mission president about how I hope he can stay and serve his whole mission. He will have to have the best of companions, but I like to think he (and we) could do it.

Other than that, we fasted so that the people we are teaching would come to church and have a spiritual experience at church or through reading or praying about our message. On Sunday, we had 14 investigadores come to church, and 11 of them have baptismal dates. It was a miracle.  And was a sweet fruit to see after working really hard and praying and sweating our hearts out. I know the Lord blessed us and brought those people to church.

Two people this week came up to us and told us they wanted to be baptized. Okay, sounds good. The only problem with EVERYONE here is that they aren't married, and they can't get baptized until they are legally married. 90% of the battle is getting people to get moving and get married to be committed to their families and obedient to God's laws. 

I will write more later but I am so grateful for the hand of the Lord in this work. It is His work and not ours, and if we have faith hope and diligence and obedience, we will see miracles -- especially after we pass through the hard times where it seems like we are abandoned. He is ALWAYS there waiting to bless us if we pass the test.

Repentance is possible and is beautiful.

This week the family of the guy who harpoon fishes will be baptized. That'll be awesome.

Hurrah for Israel!

Elder Moffitt

These were so fun to receive, Grandma! Thank you so much -- and they were very, very tasty :)

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