Monday, January 20, 2014

Call us butter; we're on a roll!

Hello everyone! Greetings from the land of beautiful winter weather! Anyone want some 70 degree cloudy-but-not-raining weather to do missionary work in? Come to San Pedro, Honduras! 

This week has been so nice; it has been a real blessing. The only bad thing is that in the mornings it is only 60 degrees and so showering is super difficult. (The water is not heated.) My sister Jessica, who is serving in Ukraine, probably doesn't believe me, but it's a rough few minutes for me at 6:30 am. 

Our house in San Pedro Sula
Other than that, this week we had success up the wall! Not sure if that is even an expression, but it is the best way to describe our week. We had almost 50 lessons with investigators, 32 of them included church member neighbors, and we got references and contacted new people like crazy. Elder Curichimba and I did divisions 3 days in a row in order to get around and visit all the people we had to teach and also to be able to find more people, and we were so blessed! We found some super awesome new investigators and we are flying now! 

On Friday, I had one of my best lessons of my mission. We had our first appointment with an 18 yr old named Elmer, who I am actually staring at right now because he works in this internet cafe. We started the lesson by teaching about the restoration of the gospel, how Christ established a church with prophets and apostles with revelation and authority, but this church fell and the authority was lost after the apostles were killed. We talked about how God had once again called living prophets today, starting with Joseph Smith who was called to restore that same church of Jesus Christ. Elmer was really engaged and interested. Then I asked him if he believes that God answers prayers, in order to later invite him to pray about what we had just taught him and ask God if it was true. Elmer said yes, because sometimes people do bad things and want to change and they can pray and God will help them. In that instant, everything changed. there was a literal change in the spirit that was so strong. Elmer was talking about himself, and the lesson was no longer about the restoration, but about repentance. We asked him if he felt like he wanted to change, he said yes, and, even though it was the first time we had ever talked with him, we challenged him to be baptized, and he accepted. The spirit was so strong. I learned a lot about teaching people (and not simply lessons) in that moment, and also about how important the spirit is in conversion. Even though he didn't understand all the lesson, we hadn't explained the book of Mormon, he hadn't studied and prayed, it didn't matter, because he felt the spirit of God. And that overwhelming feeling of peace, of love, of warm and gentle joy, was enough to make a punk, skater 18 yr old want to change and commit to it.

That is just one example of how awesome our week was. We had a ton of great experiences and were led like never before to people that need the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. God has given us all the success we have had and we are so grateful for all that he has given us. We even helped one father, who has walked down every wrong path there is, to say the first prayer of his life, and to believe that he really can change his life. 

Changes (transfers to new assignments) are this Wednesday and I really hope I don't get changed, because finally this area is getting going and God is doing a great and marvelous work here.

To all my ARIZONA friends -- The new Gilbert Temple is now OPEN for EVERYONE to go INSIDE before it is dedicated as a House of the Lord. 
If you have ever wondered what is inside a Mormon Temple, make a reservation and go for the Open House from now until February 15. Like the ancient temples of the Old Testament, the temple is not secret, it is sacred. And so before it is dedicated as a House of the Lord, all can enter and visit. Get over there! You can go and wait in line, or get a reservation and not wait in line. 
Here is the website:

Send me a note after you tour the temple:
Elder Moffitt

ABC15 Inside the Gilbert Arizona Temple

(My brother, Chris, is on this video. He is a featured singer, playing the role of Old Testament Meshach in the huge youth Cultural Celebration that is being held as part of the dedication of the temple!)

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