Monday, November 25, 2013

Counting Blessings on Thanksgiving

Hey Moffitt family! 

First I want to say that we have a really awesome family. As a missionary you deal with a lot of people, and a lot of dysfunctional families. If you think Jessica in the morning is bad, you have no idea. Love you Jessica. We have a great Dad who works really stinking hard and who recognizes that he has a responsibility to raise his family with LOVE and as a good example. We have a dad who honors his priesthood and is worthy to use it to bless us. There are a lot of fathers here that have the attitude "Well if my son is messing up it is his fault because I am perfect and I do my thing so he should do his thing. No, I am not going to bring him to church or pray as a family or anything; he needs to figure it out alone". I have really come to realize how great of a dad we have although he regrettably has no hair and makes us listen to Enders Game every roadtrip. The little things you do really do add up, like doing the dishes or packing up all the stuff at the beachhouse in that nasty little closet by yourself so we could have more time playing.

We also have a great mom, who is a great example and a great motivator. She always loves us (except for 23 hours before an imminent vacation) and does so much for us. Thanks for working so hard to get us to school and to church and even to swim team. I know we give you a hard time a lot, mom, but thanks for sacrificing so much for us, sacrifices that we see and don't see. Thanks for supporting us in the activities we want to do and always pushing us to succeed in everything. You have taught us spiritual lessons and have helped us gain our own testimonies.

How cool is it to have an older sister that is serving a mission dressed as a booba and speaking a language with the same letters that the transformers use? A sister that is so talented that she got into Stanford and is a super good singer and knows like 40 languages. To this day she has given me the best Christmas present I have ever received: my fire blankie. She loves to laugh at the little, usually pretty stupid things, but has helped me to recognize the little funny moments that are always passing. She is going to be an awesome missionary in Ukraine.

Christopher is kinda like the butt of the family but he is a really nice butt. Very nice to sit on. Oh man I am so mean to you Christopher. I am sorry. You are a great kid and are really talented and smart. Thanks for always being my lego table buddy and videogame buddy. I know how much potential you have if you stay involved in the church and school and don't let the world get to you. EVER.  

Clara is like the cutest thing ever and she is my epic slug laughing buddy. She is already smarter than Dad and is even cool with her new glasses. She always helps resolve contentions and has always been the one with a smile when no one else has one. Thanks for being an example of Christ and always being so loving, Clara. You are my favorite little sister.

I just want you all to know how grateful I am to be a part of this family. We aren't perfect, but we are trying and that is all that matters. They say that you don't realize what you have until it's gone, and maybe stepping away from the family to look at it from the outside has helped me realize how inspired and blessed we are to be together in this family. 

The mission is pretty hard but it is a place of a lot of personal growth. Some cool/ funny stories from this week- I was feeling super tired and disanimated so to pump myself up I started shouting "bring it Satan, lets go, you and I bring it!" and I took three steps, stepped in a puddle, and my feet flew out from under me and I fell flat on my butt. Luckily I am spiderman so I didn't get super dirty, but it was still a lesson that Satan is a real being and we shouldn't taunt him cause he will mess with us. 

The kids here always ask us for one lempira, they say, "regaleme un lempira." So one time a kid asked me for one lempira and I told him if he gives me two lempiras I will give him one. So he took out 2 lempiras and handed them to me. Luckily I felt bad for the Honduras system of education so I didn't go through...

The wildest news though is that we can't go out of our apartments at all, for anything, not even one step outside, all day Saturday, all day Sunday (except for sacrament meeting), and Monday and Tuesday. The elections are this next weekend, and the church leadership is worried that Honduras might very well break into civil war and or be attacked by El Salvador. It is pretty crazy. Kinda stinks that we will lose 4 days of work, but the church isn't about to put its missionaries in danger. Spend the week thinking about how cool I am because I am in a dangerous country.

I love you all a ton and just wanted to say thanks for being an awesome family. 

Fight On in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Elder Adam Moffitt 

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